About Us

Who We Are

The Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Society (KCSCS) developed from a small grass roots group with lived cancer experiences to a registered Non-Profit society with a Purpose and a Plan. The KCSCS is advocating for a Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Center to provide patient navigation services in an inspirational and hope-filled environment where adults affected by cancer receive comprehensive supports to help self-manage their physical, mental, and emotional health as well as their financial, legal and workplace challenges.


To advocate for supportive cancer care in Kamloops and surrounding areas.
To work with BC Cancer Agency, BC Cancer Foundation, Royal Inland Hospital Foundation, InspireHealth, Interior Health, local physicians, allied health professionals and the broader Kamloops community in a collaborative way that will help develop and enhance supportive cancer care services for those affected by cancer and their families.


The Board of Directors is comprised of eight members who bring unique skills, knowledge and perspective to the KCSCS vision. Some Board members have personal and/or family lived experiences. Members have deep regional knowledge, effective networks, professional work experience, personal involvement in the local business community and demonstrated success working with community change. There is expertise in policy making, non-profit society development, legal and financial domains, academic research, and fundraising specific to political, community and cancer care objectives.

Chairperson Leslie Brochu
Vice-Chairperson Ann McCarthy
Secretary Deb McClelland
Treasurer Brent Ashby
Director Rob Adkin
Director Loni Hamer-Jackson
Director Janice MacDonald
Director Colette Swain

For many people and their families, being a cancer survivor means being finished active cancer treatment, being in remission, or on maintenance therapy. For this strategy, a cancer survivor is defined as someone from the moment they are diagnosed with cancer until end-of-life, whenever that may be.

From Improving Indigenous Cancer Journeys in BC: A ROAD MAP