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There are so many great reasons to join the Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Society and lend your skills and expertise to the thousands of Kamloops and area cancer patients who are seeking access to Supportive Cancer Care services.

Do you want to?

  1. Increase your knowledge about the impact of cancer on your physical and mental health and how supportive cancer care improves outcomes for patients?
  2. Know how to access available supportive care services.
  3. Join a network of like-minded people with lived experience who can relate to your, your family member or friend’s experience.
  4. Give back to others who may benefit from your experience.
  5. Attend local events focussed on easier access to supportive care services
  6. Support the organization by volunteering your time to expand the network and reach more cancer patients with the help they need.

If you answered yes to any of these questions sign up for a membership here.


CLICK HERE to download a PDF application form or fill out the form below to apply for Society Membership or would you like to chat with a member of our board? Email us at


Membership term will be two years from the date below and may be renewed at the mutual agreement of the Member and the Board of Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Centre Society.

The membership fee is $10 per two-year term.


I support the purpose of KCSCS: To provide or facilitate access to supportive care services for adults affected by cancer in the Kamloops region.

I understand that the Society is obliged to hold an annual general meeting and I have the right to participate in the election of directors and to approve the year-end financial statements, provided that my membership is in good standing.

My $10.00 cheque for my membership fee, made payable to Kamloops Cancer Supportive Care Centre Society, (KCSCC) will be paid once my application is approved.

No person with cancer should have to spend more time fighting their way through the cancer care system than fighting their disease

Harold P. Freeman, MD